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Marketing Emails2019-06-28T07:20:54+02:00

Q: When I sign up, will I automatically get Marketing emails?

A: No, by default you need to Opt In, but we would encourage you to do so, but as mentioned, when you sign up, the option is not selected.

We do not like SPAM and Random Marketing email as much ad you, to that end we do NOT share our contact lists with any outside person or company

Protecting my family from parts of the internet2019-06-28T07:16:26+02:00

Q: How do I protect my family from Adult content, while on the internet?

A: To protect against home users adult themed content, we recommend a passive first line defense, it is however not a ‘silver bullet’ solution,
change the DNS servers in the router to Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server

If requested, we can issue these adddress to the router at home, so as to save you from the tech stuff.
for a more comprehensive solution, we recommend, you point your web browser to

https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/ and look at there paid for packages.

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